Founded by top collegiate and professionals athletes, Athletic DNA understands and is dedicated to the journey of becoming a world class athlete.  Celebrating the trials and tribulations that shape your character is key and we recognize the passion, perseverance, and dedication it takes to succeed.

To encourage and motivate the development of athletic characteristics - one athlete, one product and one community at a time.

athletic DNA
World class athletes successfully develop core athletic character traits - we think of these athletic characteristics as the athletes' athletic DNA and they represent the essence of the Athletic DNA brand.  Below is a subset of the Athletic DNA attributes:

Focus -  “The concentration of attention or energy on something”
Focus on the tasks at hand - Persistently

Intensity -  “The amount of energy being transmitted”
Work ethic - Every training session, every competition

Enthusiasm -  “A feeling of excitement”
Stay positive - Celebrate successes and learn from failures

Respect -  “Regard highly”
Respect yourself and those in your life, the environment, the game

Competitiveness -  “An aggressive willingness to compete”
Fight! - Regardless of obstacles and adversity

Excellence -  “The quality of excelling; possessing good qualities in high regard”
Strive for it daily!

The journey starts with you.     Enjoy the Challenge!